At least 33 persons missing after rains triggered landslides in China

At least 33 people are missing in China's eastern Zhejiang province after heavy rains triggered two landslides, reports BBC.

Twenty seven of those are from Sucun village in Suichang county where homes were swept away.

A video on state media Xinhua showed a mass of debris sliding down the mountain.

The heavy rains came with Typhoon Megi, which hit China on Wednesday.

Local media also reported six people missing in Baofeng village in Wencheng county, where another landslide hit.

Local authorities say they have mobilised heavy equipment and over a thousand people to help with search and rescue efforts.

Residents have also been relocated to safer areas.

Thirteen people in the village have since been rescued, Xinhua said.

Typhoon Megi killed four people and injured 625 when it hit Taiwan at peak intensity earlier this week, before reaching mainland China.

At least one person has been confirmed killed by the storm in Fujian, with millions of homes left without power following severe flooding.

State media said some areas of Fujian saw more than 300mm of rain in two days. Similar levels were reported in Taiwan.

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