At Gagauz Bashkan inauguration Andrian Candu spoke Romanian but Maia Sandu preferred only Russian


At the inauguration of Irina Vlah's first mandate as the Gagauzia Bashkan, The Parliament's Speaker of that time, Andrian Candu, held a speech in three languages (Romanian, Gagauz and Russian), while at the inauguration of her second mandate, the PM Maia Sandu preferred to speak only Russian.

This fact diasppointed more Moldovan people who charged Maia Sandu of loyalty to Russian federation, as a consequence of the alliance made with Dodon.

Irina Vlah's inauguration ceremony took place on July 19, 2019, in Comrat. At the event also took part the state president Igor Dodon, the Speaker Zinaida Greceanii, the Metropolitan Vladimir and other High-Ranked Officials, reports
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