At Cimislia like in comedy movies: Two young drunk people beat a taxi driver and stole his car

They stole a taxi car from Cimislia station. Two young people being drunk beat the taxi driver, then took his car.

According to law enforcement, the driver managed to flee from the suspects tomorrow and immediately called the police. The perpetrators have heard and fled in unknown ways. 

One of the suspects was detained on hot trails. When he saw the patrol crew, he began to be agitated. Thus, he was handcuffed and taken to the Inspectorate. He turned out to be 28 years old, a resident of Cicur Mingir. The suspect admitted that, together with a 26 years old consulate hit the taxi driver in order to steal his car.

He also said that his wife had gone to his sister, and while he was moving to stop an occasional a motorbike, on the way he hit an elderly woman and stole his bag in which she was a mobile phone, about 130 lei.

The case is documented for the stability of all circumstances.

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