Assassination attempt of Vlad Plahotniuc: The seven suspects REMAIN in custody

The seven accused for attempted assassination of President of the Democratic Party of Moldova, Vlad Plahotniuc, remain in custody. The Magistrates of the Court of Appeal rejected the appeals filed by the lawyers of the defendants, which demanded their release.

Last week, the suspects were placed in custody for 30 days.

Publika.MD recalls that the attempted assassination of the politician Vlad Plahotniuc was seized by police and prosecutors in our country together with the institutions in Ukraine.

Eight suspects were detained on April 7th in Chisinau and nine other neighboring country.

Prosecutors say the murder was ordered by two Moldovan, one of them being a criminal authority, which is now in Moscow.

Prosecutors also said that individuals would receive 200,000 dollars, and a bonus after the murder would have been completed.

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