Asphalt factory to be opened in Comrat. 400 jobs will be created

Almost 400 new jobs will be created in the south of the country. Besides repairing the bypass road, the Turkish company also wants to open an asphalt factory in Bugeac. 60 persons have already been employed.

These days, the work already started. First of all, the workers made an analysis of the soil, that would provide starting to build the road. Ivan Nazarenco, 24 already knows how it is to work abroad. Now, he says he will get a job in his country.

"I like to work on the building site. It is interesting. The big advantage of it is that I should not leave the country", said Ivan Nazarenco, resident of Comrat town.

"This technique will started to be used the next week. Now, the administration of the company should find skilled employees who will be able to work on these machines."

Nicolae Panaitov from Congaz village worked 14 years in Russia. A couple of months ago, he returned in Moldova and was hired by the Turkish company as an operator.

"We have already examined the road and took the soil analyze. It was very hard to work abroad. I was missing my children. Here, the conditions are very good", said Nicolai Panaitov, resident of Kongaz village.

The asphalt will be produced at Bugeac factory. The raw material will be brought from Soroca and Orhei.

"This is the factory where the asphalt is produced. It can make 30 tones of asphalt per hour. There, we have the mechanic factory that can produce 600 tones of asphalt per our. The railway station is near, which facilitates the transportation", said Kenan Kose, representative of the Turkish company.

The company also opened a canteen. They will also build a hostel for the ones who are not form Cromrat.

"I worked in Russia for 20 years. I decided to come back here. I have 13 grandchildren."

The project provides building 18 kilometers of bypass road in Comrat town, but also to repair Porumbeni-Cimislia road, that is 19 kilometers long. The costs of the work is 59 million Euro, that was offered by the European Bank for Investments. The work will be finished in at least three years.

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