ASP has new services: New informational call-center to be opened soon

All the information regarding the activity of the Public Services Agency will be more accessible. The institution will open a call-center with the following number - 14909.

"We want our citizens to receive the information as fast as possible. It will be a modern call center", said Vitalie Ciolac.

The news about opening a call center is good for the citizens. They say they will save money and time:

"It is a very good idea. -Why? Because we won't have to come here a lot of times and wait. It will be easier."

"it seems very comfortable for me."

After people's request, the representatives of the institution increased the number of services that can be paid at the terminal.

Nowadays, the citizens will pay for seven services. Starting the next month, the number will increase. Another news is that soon the services will be paid with the credit card.

According to Vitalie Ciolac, the car park will have new cars.

"10 new cars will be bought", said Vitalie Ciolac.

"We will release the integrity certificates. People will be able to pay for these services in their localities", said Vitalie Ciolac.

Also, this year, a new informational system will be created.

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