Artists supporting uninominal voting. 'It implies responsibility'

The uninominal voting implies making more responsible both politicians and people, opine Moldovan people of culture. They also say the reform is going to enhance democracy and speed up the country’s progress.

The singer Mihai Ciobanu opines the uninominal voting will enable the people to choose trustworthy people in the Parliament: "I want to know the person representing me in the Parliament. Voting by party lists, they were interested in promoting the party, but now it’s good to know the person you’re voting with.”

The composer Liviu Ştirbu considers the reform of the uninominal system will lead to a positive change society needs: "The uninominal voting enhances the responsibility of everyone elected as a law-maker. The burden may be heavy in the beginning."

Former parliamentarian and the present honorable president of the Composers Union, Ghenadie Ciobanu, believes the uninominal is more advantageous: "Certainly, the responsibility of the representing MPs is a key advantage."

Over half a million Moldovans have signed to support the uninominal voting.

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