Around 21 thousands cigarettes restrained at custom post from Moldova

Three cigarettes smuggle attempts were reported by the custom posts. The officers restrained 20 960 cigarettes that had the Republic of Moldova`s excise stamp.

The first two cases, were recorded at Chisinau International Airport custom post, where two Lithuanian citizens tried to smuggle out 8 600 and 7 580,,Mallboro``, ,,Kent``and ,,Parliament`` cigarettes. The goods were found in the men`s luggage during control of passengers going Chisinau-London.

The third attempt was stopped at the Sculeni custom, after the K9 announced the presence of suspect objects in the car`s floor, whose driver aligned to the lane where people have nothing to declare. Thus, during the checking the officers found 4 780 ,,Winston`` and ,,Rothmans`` cigarettes.

The goods were restrained, while the suspected received a protocol for taking out of goods that were not declared.

If found guilty, they risk a fine of 4 500lei.

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