Around 1 million Moldovans acquire Romanian citizenship in past years

Almost one million Moldovan citizens have acquired Romanian citizenship in the last ten years. For many citizens this is their chance for better lives in Romania or the EU states. 

The queues to submit documents for Romanian citizenship are endless and there are no sign that this situation will change soon, write

Every day, Moldovan citizens come to Iasi to file their documents for Romanian citizenship.

They apply for the regaining of their citizenship, being considered as descendants of Romanian citizens who lost their citizenship without permission in 1940. The inhabitants of Transnistria are exempt from this rule.

There are five centers in Romania where residents beyond the Prut can apply for citizenship.

Annually, the Romanian state processes one hundred thousand requests for citizenship to be regained by Moldovan citizens.

As for anonymous citizens or the elites of Moldova, Romanian citizenship is of high quality over the Prut.

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