Armaşu: Social issues will be State Budget's main priorities

Octavian Armașu declared on Fabrika that state budget will concentrate on raising salaries of public servants and road repaid works, among other important social needs. 

"The 3.5 billions will favor 3 issues: increasing public investments, to develop infrastructure and economy, education strategy, such as raising salaries and social protection, where we wish to support most vulnerable people and combat poverty in our country" Finance Minister, Octavian Armaşu declared.

"Those should have been our priorities for a long time now. What we do now is try to amend some consequences. When speaking of employment, human resources or making a career in Republic of Moldova,the issue has to be grasped  from the roots" co-founder of Angry Business, Alexandru Bordea said.

Octavian Armașu also mentioned that with next year's supplementary allocations, the state will see an economic growth bigger than the one forecast.

"The expenses we make for the society, such as raising salaries, pensions and social assistance, will increase consumption, which, in its turn, will create an economic growth. All the expenses the state makes, will come back into the economy, increasing it" Finance Minister, Octavian Armaşu declared.

For the next year, Cabinet of Ministers forecast an income of 36.3 billion lei in the state budget.

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