Armaşu: No public worker will have a lower salary than today, following wage reform

At a new meeting of the Press Club of the Government, the issue of wage reform in the budgetary sector was debated.

Finance Minister Octavian Armasu denied information in the press, according to which, following the wage reform, some categories of public servants will have lower wages than they are today.

He said that this law sets a new salary scale, which reduces the discrepancy from 33 to 15, between the lowest and the highest salary currently in existence.

Thus, budgets now receiving wages higher than those set out in the new grid will have a lower basic salary, but will receive more compensation so their income is the same as it is today.

At the same time, people now receiving the lowest wages will now have a higher basic salary, which will bring them a more significant income.

"With the implementation of the law, no one will lose salary and will not have a salary of less than 2 thousand lei." The salary will only increase. "We now have a mechanism that will allow us to see salary be revised every year to be increased at least according to the inflation rate", Octavian Armasu said.

During the meeting, other aspects of the Law on the unitary pay system in the budgetary sector, but also of the fiscal reform, were clarified.

At the same time, some provisions of the State Budget Law for 2019, recently approved by the Cabinet of Ministers, were also discussed.

In this context, the Minister of Finance stressed that this law fully corresponds to the Government priorities set in early 2018.

"The Budget Law for 2019 provides for the continuation of infrastructure projects by allocating funds to the Road Fund, but also for the Good Roads Project for Moldova. We are also launching new projects in the field of education as well as in justice", said Octavian Armasu.

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