ARENA CHISINAU HAS LAYOUT. The work was exhibited in a shopping center from Capital

While the works for the construction of the sports complex Arena Chisinau are all in a shopping center in the capital, the model was exhibited. The concept of the model was made by the same construction company and includes an Olympic swimming pool and car parks.

Miniature tennis courts, a hotel, shops, and a winter ice rink can also be seen in miniature. 

The purpose of creating this layout is to show the public what the project will look like in reality.

The sport complex Arena Chisinau will have a capacity of up to five thousand seats and will be able to host various sports events, conferences, exhibitions or concerts.

It will cover an area of 10 hectares in the commune of Stauceni, Chisinau.

The total cost of the arena will be 43 million euros, money invested by Turkish company SUMMA, who built the mall on the viaduct and the luxury hotel Radisson Blu Leogrand from the capital.

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