Are there any chances for Plahotniuc to be the next prime minister

Today, within the weekly briefing of DPM, Andrian Candu was asked if there are any chances for Vlad Plahotniuc to be the new prime-minister of the country.

The official highlighted the thing that Vlad Plahotniuc has a great success. For example, he gained a good score on No.17 constituency, in Nisporeni.

"DPM decision will be taken after they will gather into a meeting.

In case ACUM refuses us until Sunday, we will held a meeting in the middle of the next week and take a decision on our further actions.

The stability of the country can not be provided by endless debates. We must talk and have a good relationship. 

DPM team and DPM chairman, Vlad Plahotniuc is able to take responsibility for the country. He has proven that he was a successful party leader, due to him we have such a great success today - 30 mandates in the Parliament. 

As far as I know, he registered the best result on a constituency, gaining the biggest amount of votes in the country.

He is a successful man and the prime-minister office fits him. But, so do other DPM colleagues who know to do their job well", said Andrian Candu.


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