April snow causes HAVOC in Moldova (PHOTO/VIDEO)

(UPDATE 20:20) The emergency state has been announced today in Chisinau. The decision was taken during the meeting of the Commission for Emergency Situations. April 22-24 has been declared working days for intervention staff. Today's snowstorm has injured five persons that have been hospitalized. Among them is a 63-year-old man. Over 600 trees have fallen, and the authorities say the figure could rise to one thousand.

(18:00) 170 localities have been disconnected from electricity. 

"At the moment, 63 road accidents with three injured were registered in the country. Of these, 48 occurred in the city of Chisinau" , said head of IGP, Alexandru Pinzari.

(16:18) 60 road accidents and three injured have been reported, of which 48 in Chisinau. 

(15:00) Over 44 road accidents have been registered till 2 p.m.

(14:05) Four people, 2 men and 2 women, have been hospitalized after the tree has fallen on them. A woman has broken her leg. The others are under review. 

(12:20) Over 200 localities have been disconnected from electricity across the country. 53 teams are working to fix the situation. The national and international routes aren't blocked.

"About 20 accidents are registered at the moment. 86 cars have been damaged after trees have fallen. The travel is difficult on Hincesti, Orhei and Dubasari routes. A citizen has asked for help, after a brach of a tree has fallen and injured his foot", said head of IGP, Alexandru Pinzari.

"The situation at the moment is catastrophic for the agriculture. Many cultures, including cherries, apricots, persimmon etc will be affected. The situation will be monitored after the cyuclone will leave the country" , says Deputy Minister for Agriculture, Iurie Usurelu. 

(11:45) According to the operative data of the Emergency Situations Service, 70 localities in 10 district have been disconnected from electricity, Criuleni, Straseni, Orhei, Ialoveni and Gagauz cities.

35 fallen trees have been registered and 7 damaged cars. Rescuers are working on G. Cosbuc street, V. Alecsandri, Gh. Asachi  in order to elevated the fallen trees. 

In Dubasari district, rescuers are on the spot where a truck has derailed from the route. The situation is further monitored by SPC employees, and rescuers and firefighters are ready to intervene to help the citizens.

(08:00)The middle regions of Moldova are experiencing snow irregular for the season today, causing slight havoc in affected areas, according to reports.

According to last hour information, there have been registered 46 fallen trees and 7 car accidents.

According to the Municipal Enterprise "Exdrupo", road workers to intervene on all routes with anti-skid material.

The National Patrol Inspectorate warns drivers to drive on low speed and be careful.
The number of road accidents increases with increasing traffic.

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