Apple festival: Most delicious and beautiful apples in Soroca town

Most delicious and beautiful apples are the star of the day today in Soroca, which hosts a festival dedicated to these fruits.

Here fruit growers gathered from several northern villages to promote their production.

The sweet fruits have attracted many visitors, especially consumers. The event began with an apple hora.

Orchardists say they are satisfied with the fruit harvest this year, but they have nowhere to sell their production.

Visitors were impressed by the festival.

Music, good mood and traditional dishes, especially those made from appleswere presented at the festival.

Guests from abroad also ame to the celebration.

"Every year we used to expand the number of delegates and visitors at the festival. Today we have guests from different countries, like Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, Romania and I'm glad I can participate" , said Mayor of Soroca town, Victor Sau.

It was a good opportunity for the producers to promote the production.

"It is a national festival. And it is important that farmers come here to show their work and in addition have the possibility to contact the consumer directly" ,  said Farmers Federation president, Valeriu Cosarciuc.

The festival is celebrated the sixth year.

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