Apple could release an iPhone 7 Pro with a dual-camera system

Welcome to rumorland. This time, signs point to a new iPhone 7 Pro. In addition to the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, the Pro model would feature a dual-camera system as well as a smart connector at the back.

Two photos spotted by Nowhere Else shows the three models side by side. As expected, the iPhone 7 Plus looks like a bigger version of the iPhone 7. And the iPhone 7 Pro could be a more powerful iPhone 7 Plus.

This isn’t the first time a leak points toward an iPhone 7 Pro model. Last month, a Chinese repair shop shared three different components for the next generation of iPhone, indicating that there would be a new option.

Similarly, reliable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo from KGI Securities already predicted that the iPhone 7 Plus would get a dual-camera system. The iPhone 7 won’t get the dual-camera system indeed. But if today’s new photos are true, there will be an iPhone 7 Plus with a regular camera and an iPhone 7 Pro with an improved camera.

Now, why would Apple put two cameras at the back of your iPhone? There are many potential use cases. LinX has built a hardware and software solution to make two (or more) lenses seamlessly work together. For instance, a dual-lens system could improve background defocus and recreate depth of field — background defocus is one of the reasons why people use low aperture DSLR lenses.

Two cameras could also improve low-light performance, color fidelity and HDR performance. And this module could let you focus on the foreground or the background after capturing a photo, like with a Lytro.

You can also spot a smart connector at the back of the iPhone 7 Pro. Apple introduced these magnetic smart connectors with the iPad Pro as a way to expand your devices with accessories, such as keyboards. With the iPhone 7 Pro, Apple might take advantage of this connector for a battery case, reports

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