Apiarists map out bees for new pollination season

Beekeepers are preparing bees for a new pollination season.

The first thing they do is to evaluate the heal of bee families. They take care of ill bees. 

The bees are flying out of hives in these warm days, looking for water to grow new seedlings.

Nicolae Sîngereanu from Zorile village, Orhei district has over 70 families of bees and produces over 700 kilos of honey per year. 

The young man says the apiculture year set off in autumn, how the families are prepare at that time depends on health of bees. If the bees have enough food, they start pollinating the acacia flowers.

"Firstly, we assess food supplies, as bees don't consume most of honey in winter, but if they're growing, they need food. My purpose in the spring is to monitor if they have food and if i need to intervene", said the beekeeper Nicolae Sîngereanu.

He said the weather favors the bees. However, a sudden frost could radically change things. 

"The weather now is favorable, the bees are flying and start growing. We're worried that freeze can happen which will affect and stop everything", said beekeeper Nicolae Sangereanu.

According to data, last year, beekeepers in Moldova gathered six thousand tons of honey.

An analysis by economist Veaceslav Ionita shows that Moldovan honey exports have increased tenfold over the last five years. A record was reached in 2017, when the value of deliveries abroad exceeded 14 million dollars.

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