Apartment block from Cantemir, destroyed by explosion in 2015, to be renovated and offered for young specialists

The apartment block from Cantemir, , will be renovated. The Regional Council has managed to find financial resources of 4 million lei for it to be done.

This is how the apartment looks after the destruction. But soon, they will be like brand new.

"The project is foresees the consolidation of walls, starting from the building's foundation to it's roof, concreted, as technically required" Valeriu Mocanu, chief of Construction Directorate, of Cantemir Regional Council, declared.

Recently, public administration have found financing, a loan.

"Thanks to European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, who accepted our project a few days ago, we will have to contribute with 45% of the total amount, while the rest will be given as a loan for 25 years" Cantemir's President, Andrei Ciobanu mentioned.

After renovation, the apartments will be offered for young specialists that will come to work in Cantemir.

"Those apartments will be given for those from social fields, as teachers and doctors, as it is right near a school and it would be great to make it into a living space again" Minister of Economy and Infrastructure, Octavian Calmîc said.

People from Cantemir are thankful for the building to be renovated. At the moment, the town lacks employees in hospitals and schools:

"We need teachers and doctors. It must be repaired and not stand broken, because children, our future, are growing."

"I am renting an apartment, in order to buy one I would need to go work abroad."

"We hope it will be repaired, so that young specialists will have where to live."

In May 2015, a gas leak caused an explosion at the 4th floor. All in all, ten apartments were destroyed, three of which burned to ashes. The accident caused one death.

At the time, the Government offered six million lei so that families could buy new houses.

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