AOAM forum: What is online trading and how you can benefit from it

Online trading and marketing is future. The statement was made by Executive Director of Moldovan Businessmen Association, Alexandu Baltag, who urges the youth to invest in the online business. Over 400 persons will attend tomorrow's event on online trading. 

Silviu and Alexandru Ceban realized the advantages of online marketing and started selling watches, after which have set up a digital marketing company.

"The business we have chosen needs no big investment. In the near future we plan to get abroad. We have clients in Italy and Russia already" , said Alexandru Ceban.

Thus, even if they have graduated already, they are loving what they're doing.

Experts say online business is profitable, and in the coming years will become even more popular.

"I'm glad of all the smart persons who invest time and money in online business, including local companies who are already quite successful abroad" , said Iulian Alexa, founder of Sales Zone. 

Moreover, the Government is also focusing on this new branch of the economy. 

"These new government adjustments, recently made, lay down the rules of the game and the framework whereby Moldovan entrepreneurs and all the population will better understand how online trading works" , said AOAM Executive Director, Alexandru Baltag.

Tomorrow, June 22nd, a group of young persons will provide participants with information on how they have achieved their success at the Online Business Trading.



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