AOAM and ULIE signed a collaboration agreement

Businessmen from Moldova and Ukraine are collaborating mostly in ares ties with agriculture industry, energy, transport and infrastructure development.

This subject was spoken of at the meeting among representatives of the Businessmen Association from Moldova and Ukrainian League of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs with Economy Minister from Moldova, Octavian Calmâc. The two organizations have signed a collaboration agreement to establish a Business Council. 

For President of Ukrainian League of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, Anatolii Kinah, Republic of Moldova is a special cause. Not only because he considers the market attractive, but also because it is his homeland.

"This is my country. Wherever I am, Moldova will always remain my home" Anatolii Kinah said.

He believes that this agreement will strengthen the business cooperation between the two countries.

"The agreement foresees a deeper collaboration between executives from Moldova and Ukraine. We agreed to organize a big forum. We wish for this crucial event to take place in Moldova" Anatolii Kinah added.

"We will trade information among our organizations, regarding investment opportunities. At the same time, we will elaborate an action plan for 2018" CEO of AOAM, Alexandru Baltag declared.

Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Economy, Octavian Calmâc mentioned that economic relations with Ukraine are important for our country's development.

"We have similar aim, wish to draw in more investments, including from EU. We wish to create more workplaces and open new markets" Octavian Calmâc explained.

Later, members of the two organizations have gathered in a meeting, where economic agents from Ukraine forwarded multiple suggestion for developing projects in our country. On of them, Vladimir Sacenco, owner of a big agriculture industry, claims he had a successful experience in Republic of Moldova, but wishes to extend his business.

"We have 40 enterprises that works with farmers from Moldova, delivering equipment. We will discuss of creating common businesses. We have good conditions when it comes to tax and loans" Ukrainian businessman Vladimir Sacenco said.

"We had a good experience in Bălţi and Chişinău. It would be nice if Ukrainian legislators would take into account your experience regarding foreign economy and currency law, because they are very comfortable to work with" Ukrainian businessman Mihail Sorochin declared.

Entrepreneurs from Moldova are also interested to collaborate with economic agents from Ukraine.

"We have a big potential that is, unfortunately, not yet fully used. Therefore, our main aim will be to create the possibility for every economic agent to find a business partner" Moldovan businessman Chiril Gaburici stated.

"Ukrainian market is very attractive for us, we wish to do business there. I believe this platform will help us achieve this aim" Moldovan businessman, Vasile Chirtoca said.

In the first nine months of this year, Moldova has exported to Ukraine goods worth nearly 50 million US dollars.

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