Anti-corruption squad SEARCHES Chisinau mayor's office. Council officials, held up and escorted to CNA

CNA officers are reported to have entered mayor Dorin Chirtoaca's office and operate searches as he's present.

The anti-corruption squad (CNA) is raiding the Chisinau Municipal Council (CMC.)

Councilors Oleg Onişcenco and Ghenadie Dumanschi and CMC secretary Valeriu Didencu have been held up, as the Council was in session.

They have been escorted to the CNA office. 

Oleg Onişcenco was expelled from the Socialists faction earlier this year.

According to unconfirmed reports the detentions are operated in the so-called paid parking lots case. 

A series of CMC officials and a millionaire are being probed in this case.

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