Anti-corruption Prosecutors set off investigation on estrangement of Casa Presei

Anti-corruption Prosecutors started a criminal investigation on the estrangement of State Enterprise Casa Presei and former canteen of Moldovan Government. 

According to Prosecutors, administrator of Casa Presei signed three lease contracts with administrators of some commercial societies on 1,406 square meters of the building. Later, under additional contracts, the area in rent was raised till 1,766 square meters. 

After half a year, in January 2019, Public Property Agency approved the sale of Casa Presei with 16,250,000 lei, owned by the three companies. 

Irregularities were detected in the process of estrangement of some areas belonged to the Government's former canteen. In January 2019, Public Property Agency endorsed the sale of the building for 9,000,000 de lei, at the request of company. 

According to Prosecutors, leasing and estrangement of the building took place with derogation from the actual law, and the people responsible for these actions committed service abuse, causing a considerable damage to public interest.



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