Anti-corruption prosecutor's office confirmed: Laundromat and Miliardomat have the same beneficiaries

The Anti-corruption prosecutors confirmed the thing that some companies involved in the Russian money laundering are involved in the money laundering actions from the bank system of our country. The declaration was made within a TV show, by Adriana Betisor, the deputy prosecutor of PA.

"These companies are not only transit but also beneficiaries. An appendix describes each company and potential subjects behind these companies, bank accounts, banks involved, and service countries", said Adriana Betisor, the deputy prosecutor of the Anti-corruption Prosecutor's Office.

Bogdan Zumbreanu, the NAC chief mentioned that he will analyze the information that appeared in the press and will initiate a new investigation.

"We will search for the common elements if there are reasons to suppose that it is true that those who say that it was actually a conspiracy set up by the service of other states. Also, we will cooperate with the Service of Information and Security", said Bogdan Zumbreanu, the director of NAC.

Recently, the journalists published an investigation to prove that the Russian Laundromat and the Billion Theft, the so called(Miliardomat) are two cases operated by Moscow, which target to compromises the pro-European government of Moldova and hinders the signing of association agreements with the EU.

The main actor of this scheme is Veaceslav Platon, the so called No.1 raider in CSI.


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