ANTA raids: Dozen inspectors detained and accused of bribery

(UPDATE 15:35) Several inspectors of National Car Transport Agency (ANTA) are accused of bribery from 1000 - 9000 lei while carrying out routine checks. Anti-corruption prosecutors and anti-corruption center (CNA) officers detained 12 persons totally including representatives of transport companies involved in the scheme. 

They were escorted to CNA headquarter for hearings. 

(12:35) At least seven ANTA inspectors and representatives of some transport companies were detained this morning, after their homes were searched by Anti-corruption prosecutors and CNA officers. 

According to the CNA representatives, they are criminally investigated in several cases concerning corruption and influence peddling. 

"Several agency inspectors are targeted in a corruption file between November 2018 - June 2019. They have been documented and it's suspicious that they committed the crime mentioned in the Article 324 for passive corruption", said Igor Guja, ANTA Deputy Director. 

PUBLIKA.MD recalls that recently, more than 100 drivers gathered their buses and minibuses to the Great National Assembly Square as a sign of protest. They are unhappy with the fact that those in charge of the Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure are reluctant to make any decision regarding their request to increase the travel tariff up to 92 bani per kilometer.

It's 48 bani now.


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