ANTA fined undisciplined drivers after checked the papers and condition of cars

The National Agency for Motor Vehicles has fined the undisciplined drivers. In an operation, ANTA inspectors checked the drivers' papers and the state of the vehicles. Most of the irregularities have been detected in minibus drivers. Unhappy with controls, some rulers were aggressive.

"Look at the state of the entrance and exit door, the door in the middle is blocked, it must be a spare door, because of the heat I must keep the passengers in the heat.

Fines were also given for the transportation of passengers without tickets.

"Why do not you give tickets to passengers? How many passengers do you have? Six people without tickets.

Passengers blamed the minibus driver.

"He did not want to give us the house, they said they were being handed over to the driver and we were not staying in. At Hincesti, how much would you have to pay for the ticket?

"We urge the passengers to ask the drivers for the car vouchers, which will give them extra insurance for the provided service," said Sergiu Bucataru, State Secretary at the Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure.

The explanation of this taxi driver, who did not have a roadmap, did not escape the fine.

"I drank coffee and accidentally forgot the roadmap and I apologize for forgetting it."

"When there are no permissive documents on the board, from 42 to 60 conventional units, this would be from 2,100 lei to 3,000 lei, and in 72 hours it will be 1072 lei minimum," he said. Constantin Craciun, senior ANTA inspector.

They were also disciplined drivers.

"Everything is in order and I, especially the drivers that lead people, you are responsible for people's lives, first of all my life."

ANTA checks were conducted jointly with the State Tax Service and the National Patrolled Inspectorate.

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