ANSA's statements on increasing export of Moldova

Moldova's export is increasingly conquering international markets. The export of fruit, vegetables and cereals has exceeded one billion dollars last year, says National Food Safety Agency. 

Our country has sold over 180 thousand tons of apples in over 16 countries. Over 50 thousand tons of plums reached abroad, an increase by 30 per cent. 

Sales of dried plums were also higher, reaching 9,000 tons, three tons more than 2016. 

Moldova has also exported over 30 thousand tons of grapes. For the first time, 2 thousand tons of berries, such as currant, blackberries and blueberries, were sold abroad.

14,000 tons of nuts reached international markets, 1800 tons of shelled nuts were also exported. 

Last year, Moldovan producers sold more onions, tomatoes, cucumbers and cauliflower. For the first time, our country exported nearly 800 tons of Chinese cabbage, over 600 tons of carrot, 50 tons of pepper and 20 tons of garlic.

ANSA representatives say that all fruits, vegetables and cereals exported by our country underwent the check before reaching the border.

"Every cargo is inspected according to international practices. Phytosanitary certificate proved their qualification", said ANSA General Manager, Gheorghe Gaberi.

On the cases that Moldovan apples were returned from Russia because of moth larvae, the ANSA inspectors addressed this issue to the specialists of the Institute of Genetics. They conducted a study and concluded that these parasites do not survive in the refrigerator.

"In September, there were not larvae in the fruits. In December, the weather was cold, it's was impossible to have larvae.", said expert of Institute of Genetics, Vasile Voineac.

In 2017, ANSA inspectors released about 92,000 phytosanitary certificates for export products in over 80 countries around the world.

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