ANSA to investigate 80 dairy samples. Economic agents violating law to be sanctioned

The National Food Safety Agency (ANSA) took 80 samples from dairy businesses targeted in a study claiming the quality of the products. The announcement was made at a meeting of ANSA. Laboratory results will be publicized in a few days. Any economic agent violating the law will receive sanction. 

On the other hand, the representatives of the Association of Milk Producers and Processors disagree with these allegations.

"Only 38 of 126 samples were for imported products and 96 for domestic producers. Why did the selection take place with chosen samplings? We don't recognize analyzes placed on newspaper," said Carolina Linte, president of the Association of Milk Producers.

In turn, representatives of the Eastern European Foundation say they required the investigation after there are more complaints about the quality of dairy products. 

"In this case, the conspiracy theory does not exist but there exists consumer's demands. People consume more domestic products than imports. We will check random samples", said Dorina Andreev, director of the East European Foundation.

Experts who have carried out laboratory research are convinced that the data is correct. According to them, 120 irregularities were detected of the 128 taken samples . 

"The laboratory is accredited and complies with all the requirements. The procedure was respected as required by ISO," said Galina Cecico, chief of laboratory.

However, ANSA can not impose fines on these results and wait to analyze the investigation. 

"We applied several sanctions to some companies, unfortunately, they were not so harsh", explained Gheorghe Gaberi, ANSA Director.

The study publicized last week shows that dairy products from several shops contain an enormous amount of vegetable fats.

Throughout 2017, ANSA took 690 samples, 48 of which were found to be non-compliant. In total, about two thousand tons of milk and dairy products have been destroyed.


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