ANRE: Prices for natural gas might lower by 20.3%

Natural gas might become by 20.3% cheaper. National Energy Regulatory Agency (ANRE) announced, through a document that is being debated, that prices might be reexamined.

According to them, people might pay 4.42 lei for 1 000 cubic meters, by 20.3% less than at the moment.

ANRE's director, Tudor Copaci, explained that new prices are caused by currency appreciation, lowered prices for natural gas import, as well as tariff deviation.

At the moment, consumers pay 5.545 lei for 1 000 cubic meters, a price established in 2016.

At the end of January, Prime Minister has also declared that prices for natural gas might decrease by up to 20% over 2018. Pavel Filip mentioned that this is a conclusion made by Government's analysis. 

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