ANRE increases prices for thermal energy starting with October 1, 2016

Starting with 1 October 2016, the Chisinau residents will pay with 8.2% more for thermal energy. A decision was taken today, 16 September 2016, by the Administration Council of the National Agency for Regulation in Energetics.

Thus, starting with the new heating season, the consumers will pay 1,068 lei for one gigacalorie, with 81 lei more than in present.

The decision on increase of the thermal agent was taken after which Termoelectrica came with a request in this regard reasoning through expenses and loses.

As a result, Termoelectrica asked for an increase of over 27%, which will be 1,257 lei for one gigacalorie.

The last adjustment of tariffs for the heat energy delivered by this provider took place in 2011.

Presently, the tariff for one gigacalorie is 987 lei.

Termoelectrica serves 200,000 physical persons and 5,000 legal entities.

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