ANRE: Fuel prices won't change in the next three months

The fuel prices won't change in the following three months. ANRE lengthened the deadline of the ceiling prices for diesel 19 lei 1 ban and 16 lei 89 bani for gasoline.

At the same time, ANRE proposed to consult in public the methodology of establishing the prices.

ANRE has three months to present the modification to the Administration Council.


Last time, the ceiling prices of the fuel were established at the end of July.

Previously, the Ministry of Economy and the Agency for Customer's Rights asked the instance to annul the prices established by ANRE.

Pavel Filip also asked for a more transparent way while establishing the prices.

At the end of July, the Parliament voted a law that says that ANRE will establish the ceiling prices of the fuel once in three months, not one in two weeks as previously.

Anterior, Ministerul Economiei și Agenția pentru Protecția Consumatorului au cerut de câteva ori în instanță anularea prețurilor stabilite de ANRE.


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