Another suspect investigated for Paşcani mining accident

Another man accused in the investigation following the collapse of Paşcani mine, Criuleni. The engineer, responsible for Health, Security and Safety in the mine where the rocks were extracted, is suspected of having breached the Workplace Safety Law, resulting the death of multiple people.

According to the prosecutors, he is under investigation, but not arrested.

Earlier, another two employees from the mine, among whom a woman, were declared suspects. One of the is currently arrested.

We remind that prosecutors have opened two cases regarding the incident.

At the same time, all mines from the countries are being checked over, but it is yet unknown if any breaches were found.

Next week, the commission establishing why the accident happened will present a report. 

The tragedy resulted in three employees losing their lives, after being crushed by a wall which fell on them.

Two of the men passed away on site, while a third one spent his last moments in an ambulance.

In Paşcani mine were employed around 50 people. 

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