Another refusal for Dorin Chirtoacă! He cannot take back his office at City Hall

Suspended Mayor Dorin Chirtoacă cannot take back his office at City Hall. His request of return was rejected by magistrates from Chisinau Court in Buiucani. Chirtoacă said that the request was made after Local and Regional Authorities Congress of the European Council declared his suspension as illegal.

"It is strange how the Buiucani Court considers it's decision higher than that of an International Convention, such as the European Charter of Autonomous Localities and the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe. We will appeal against this decision and go to the European Court " Dorin Chirtoacă declared.

The suspended Mayor has also requested for all investigations upon himself to cease. Magistrates have yet to examine it, but they warned attorneys of the risk of being banned from this case for deliberately stretching it using various methods, fact confirmed by prosecutors.

"At each court session, attorneys would forward various request without a base, including changing the judge and prosecutors" anti-corruption prosecutor Dumitru Robu said.

The court has decided that the case with paid parking lots will be made public. Dorin Chirtoacă is currently investigated for power peddling and corruption. In another case, the suspended Mayor of Chisinau is suspected of going out of his jurisdiction. He pleads not guilty.

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