Another person loses life against fire in Falesti district

A 79-year-old man from Obreja Veche village, Falesti district, died in a fire started this morning in his house.

According to Emergency Situations Service, the fire destroyed the goods from two rooms. Most probably, the fire started because of breaching the rules on fireplace exploitation.

All circumstances on this case are to be explained by police.

The man was living by himself, but he was daily visited by a woman from the locality who was helping him around the household. The neighbors said that through the windows and the roof the flames were going up less than two hours after the man started the fire in the fireplace.

The firemen intervened for the localization and liquidation of the fire.

"When we came at the scene we found the body, who was taken from the house by policemen and neighbors before our arrival. We worked for two hours. The fire was located in 30 minutes. The cause is the fireplace or something with electricity, but most probably is the inappropriate exploitation of the fireplace, it was warm" mentioned the firefighter Vadim Cuschevici.

The specialists are advising people to comply with the rules of fire safety.

People are asked to monitor fireplaces and not let the fire overnight.

Andrei Adam, press officer of the North Department of Emergency Situations Service said that it is necessary to mount on the floor a piece of metal sheet measuring 50 centimeters by 70 to avoid burning when the embers are falling from the fireplace. And of course to avoid overheating the fireplaces.

According to data provided by the Emergency Situations Service, at the beginning of 2017 in the north three people lost their lives in fires due to violation of fireplaces operating rules.

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