Another candidate has registered in election race

The Moldovan right side of politics is increasingly fragmented. After long discussions about a joint candidate, the number of those who want the Presidential chair is increasing day by day. 

The "Right" Unionist Party announced on friday, September 2nd that Ana Gutu is joining electoral race. 

The number of potential candidates on the center-right has risen to six. 

Earlier, several parties on the political spectrum have had discussions to identify a common candidate in the presidential election.

The negotiations have not led to any result, and each party has appointed their own candidate.

Political observers highlights that "Dignity and Truth" party, behing which stay mobsters Topa, Social Action Party of former Liberal-Democrat Maia Sandu and the Liberal Democratic Party.

These formations have talked the most about having a joint candidate, but didn't accomplish the promise. On the center-right they have announced so far these applications: Iurie Leanca, president of the European People's Party, Mihai Ghimpu, leader of the Liberal Party, Andrei Nastase wedding godson of mobsters fugitive, Victor Topa, who sit behind "Dignity and Truth" party, leader of PAS and the former liberal Democrat, Valeriu Ghileţchi.

Presidential elections will take place on October 30.

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