Another blow for smokers. Cigarette prices in Moldova increased

Another blow for smokers from Moldova. The prices for a pack of cigarette with filters manufactured starting from 1st January, will cost at least 21 lei, with 5 lei more than in 2017. The new prices come from an increase in tax for manufacturers in this industry. At the same time, stating 1st June the price will increase by 2 lei for cigarettes without filters. 

Tobacco enterprises from Chisinau claim that due to those new raised prices their production will decrease by 50%.

"Each change in the market has its aims. I must say, there truly are less sales. Two lei for a pack is rather expensive" director of a Tobacco enterprise, Ion Voluţă said.

Smokers have not missed the raised prices.

"-Of course I have bad opinion of this.


-Why? Because there are people smoking for over 40 years and you can imagine."

"On another hand it is good four young people, as it stimulates them not to smoke."

"I believe this is a serious issue, for smokers I doubt those are good news."

On another hand, cigarette sellers claim that so far the number of their clients has not lessened.

"- Has the number of clients rose?

- No, it's as usual. There are no changes.

- You mean to say that people continue to purchase cigarettes?

- Yes."

The project regarding the raise in cigarettes price was adopted by the Parliament at the beginning of November 2017. Smoking in public spaces was forbidden in Moldova since June 2016.


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