Andrian Candu's reaction to new fiscal policies: Hypocrisy and cynicism at power

Andrian Candu has awarded new Government "expensiveness government" and claimed that "hypocrisy and cynicism are at power" after the Sandu Government announced to raise income and value-added taxes. 

"People see obviously the truth of Sandu Government, set up by Kozak alliance. Full of frustration, hunger for power, eager of business and incapable of administrating the public budget. 

After initiating "witch hunt" in a campaign to intimidate and dismiss professionals to replace their people, ACUM moved to "citizen agenda" and announced to raise tax and cancel meal voucher. Previously, PDM governance cut tax and launched meal voucher as the measures to improve the people's well-being. 


This is how "expensiveness Government" takes care of people? This means quality, transparent, democratic government for people?

Hypocrisy and cynicism are at power", wrote Andrian Candu on his Facebook. 

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