Andrian Candu wishes us for Independence Day peace, prosperity, a united and strong country

Parliament's President, Andrian Candu, came forth with a congratulation message to all our citizens wishing them peace, prosperity, a united and strong country, for Independence Day.

"Happy Birthday Moldova! I congratulate all our citizens with the marking of 26 years of independence! I wish that we can always be and feel free, to not have the misfortune to live through what our ancestors did. Peace, prosperity, a united and strong country! This is what I wish for our citizens, for our still young country" Andrian Candu declared.

Parliament's President, Andrian Candu, expressed his gratitude and respect to all those who sacrificed, including their own lives, for the creation of this independent country.

The Declaration of Independence of the Republic of Moldova was signed on 27th August 1991.

For the Republic of Moldova, the 27th of Augusts represents the liberty we longed for many years. Today our country marks 26 years of independence.

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