Andrian Candu: We voted law projects which certainly bring benefits to citizens

"We have voted a few draft laws that will certainly bring a direct and immediate benefit to citizens," declared Parliament Speaker Andrian Candu during the parliamentary session.  

The official referred to law projects approved today in Parliament as well as their benefits. 

"Parliamentary commissions have done their job very well in the past weeks so they prepared the most important draft laws which were on our priorities on both sides of Government and deputies. 

I came with a large agenda, nearly 60 normative acts in 2 days, 50 of them were practically discussed and approved today. Tomorrow we will talk about election date. 

I would like to refer to the reforms approved today in Parliament. Perhaps some might say this's an electoral gesture, that this's the last year before the election, but in fact, I would way that is the fruit of reform and of activities which have been done so far. 

The most important reform approved today and will come into effect from October 1, 2018, is the reduction of taxes and the increase of the incomes of the population.

It's the first time of the country's history that we don't impose tax on low-income people. We increased personal exemption from 11,000 lei per year to 24,000 lei. The amount of 24,000 lei of income per year will not be taxed, and that means that every citizen will have additional income, especially we mean the poor because their living standards are more important than the rich.

Moreover, social contributions are being reduced, a very important reform because every employer and employee will feel this by lowering social insurance contributions from 23 to 18 percent.

Tax rates have been cut, and now instead of 18 percent and 7 percent will be 12 percent. It is a very good experience in many countries. Practically, only Moldova has progressive rates, and we have identified that the best rate for Moldova is 12 percent.

This rate will primarily benefit the average and poorest population, as we have seen some speculation that the rich will benefit. The wealthy will be taxed with a luxury tax, and for all luxury goods the rich have an extra charge.

I regret that those who believe themselves socialists have not been in the hall today to speculate on these topics.

There has also been discussion about the voluntary declaration of goods. Now we have found the best formula for declaring goods so that these procedures are not available to the dignitaries of the state or those who have been involved in bankruptcy.

So, persons who are removed from the applicability of the law are presidents of states, prime ministers, ministers, deputies, all those who have been in charge of the state since 2009. 

So also the leadership of those banks that are in trouble with bank fraud, as well as the people who are being investigated for bank fraud, "said Andrian Candu, Parliament Speaker.

The official also referred to the opposition's behavior, suggesting them to donate their salary because they were absent at work.

"I also want to refer to the behavior of the opposition. They left the hall when important reforms were being discussed, and it is regrettable that they did not stay here to express their opinion by arguments.

We expect they will donate their salaries today, they were absent at work, even if they have claimed to boycott or express their boycott of those reforms.

We consider that we only hear criticism of all projects that benefit the citizens, whether we are talking about the Chisinau Arena, the Good Roads, the meal vouchers or the First House, and it is the case that the Government already comes up with clear and concrete measures for the citizens . Today we voted for some draft laws that will certainly bring a direct and immediate benefit to citizens, especially since October 1, when we talk about tax reform, "said Andrian Candu.

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