Andrian Candu: We must see results and implement prioritized reforms

President of Moldovan Parliament, Andrian Candu and Prime Minister Pavel Filip have met today at the common session between the Parliament and Government, to balance their agendas and discuss plan of action for the next period.

"Our objective is to see the impact of our decision, to execute prioritized reforms and make a plan to implement the European Union Association Agreement. The committees have came up with a plan that we will approve at the next Parliamentary meeting. Control over the Parliament is our main priority, to know that the new laws works in the citizens favor" Andrian Candu mentioned.

He also requested for the new law approval terms to be respected, reminding that after voting a new law the Ministries work is not finished yet. 

"We need to work with committees and supervise the new law's implementation" Parliament President added.

In his turn, Pavel Filip declared that such session speed up the process of modernization of Republic of Moldova, by completing faster the conditions of agreements for external financing. Therefore, he mentioned that next month the action plan for implementing the EU Association Agreement will be updated to 2019, underlining the importance of maintain the current speed. 

Parliamentary Committees and members of the Cabinet Ministers have discuses the attained results and difficulties that might appear in implementation of prioritized reforms in the second half of 2017, as well as the action plan for implementing the EU Association Agreement for 2017. Authorities have also discussed the obligations toward international Monetary Fund and drew the priorities for the next common session of Parliament- Government.  

They have also discussed the necessary actions that must be taken in order to attain the 100 million euro assistance from European Union. Prime Minister has assured that everything is going according to plan and step by step all conditions will be met.

President of Moldovan Parliament has also reminded that on October 25-26 in Strasbourg will be held the session of the Parliamentary Association committee. While on October 20 the Parliament will organize a meeting to discuss the main subjects in the relations with EU that will be further discussed in Strasbourg. Among them counts: electricity provision, human rights, mass-media law, fighting against corruption, the financial- banking situation etc.

As per tradition, the Government and Parliament hold a common session, at the beginning of Parliamentary ones.

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