Andrian Candu: The new Audiovisual Code will soon be finalized

The new Audiovisual Code, which will improve mass media in Moldova, will soon be finalized.

The announcement was made by President of Moldovan Parliament, Andrian Candu, within a media forum, hosted in Chisinau by Friedrich Naumann Foundation and Freedom House. Ambassadors accredited to Chisinau recommended authorities to speak of this topic with OSCE and European Council.

Andrian Candu declared that challenges encountered in mass media are on the legislative's agenda. Therefore, half a year ago, in the Parliament was created group that will improve the legislation, will identify methods to attract investments in the field and elaborate an Audiovisual Code, which will be finalized in the near future.

"It is important to find solutions how to develop our broadcast market both in commerce, as well as video production and TV. I have big hopes that soon the legislation will be finalized in all that it means encouraging investors to enter our broadcast market" Andrian Candu said.

The efforts were appreciated by foreign partners, who reiterated their support in developing this field.

"The association agenda states key aspects regarding freedom and pluralism in media and that Republic of Moldova has taken upon itself to implement, including the new Audiovisual Code. EU will also support the development of mass media" EU Ambassador to the Republic of Moldova, Peter Michalko said.

Foreign partners hope that the document will be implemented this sitting.

"Now that the new code was finally elaborated, we hope that the Parliament will soon take the next step and will send it to OSCE and European Council for commentaries. Will implement any recommendation and will bring it to force this sitting" United States Ambassador to Moldova, James Pettit said.

Experts from the field and foreign journalists also established that countries from the region all face similar problems in mass media.

"There are many problems in the region, regardless if they are EU member states or not. There are similar problems on this side of Europe. It is more visible in some countries: censure, violence, threats" journalist from The Economist, Tim Judah said.

The new Audiovisual Code was elaborated by both foreign and local experts. The document foresees new regulations in the field, clearly defining propaganda and misinformation, as well as established the volume of local products in audiovisual media sources.

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