Andrian Candu: The Democratic Party MPs don't need parliamentary immunity

The Democratic Party MPs don't need parliamentary immunity and PDM proposed multiple times to modify the Constitution in a way to deprive all the MPs of this privilege, declared the last evening at PRIME TV's talk-show 'Replica', Andrian Candu.

'During the last six years, the Democratic Party came up two times with the initiative to remove MP's immunity, but it was declined.We examined the possibility of willingly giving up the immunity, but it's not legal. That's why every prosecutor who will come in the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova with the initiative to remove an immunity, we will raise our hands'. said the PDM MP, Andrian Candu.

The president Igor Dodon declared a few days ago that the General Prosecution might request the immunity removal of multiple MPs. For now, the MPs still benefit of the parliamentary immunity, act for which the cannot be arrested, detained or searched without plenary's agreement.

The immunity can be removed at the General prosecutor's request with the parliamentary majority's vote. The last immunity deprivation in out Parliament happened in 2015.

That time the former PLDM leader Vlad Filat remained without this privilege, being charged for bank fraud.
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