Andrian Candu temporary fulfills interim role of President, in order to vote for five draft laws

Andrian Candu, the president of the Parliament fulfilled the interim role to sign five laws that were refused to be signed by President Igor Dodon. 

The draft law regarding the Labor Code of the Republic of Moldova which says that we should celebrate the Victory Day and Europe Day both on May 9; the law regarding pensions providing of the soldiers and troops of the internal affairs; the law regarding national defense; the law regarding the General Inspectorate of Carabiners; the law regarding giving the land of the former Republican stadium to the US Embassy and the Audiovisual Code.

The interim role was fulfilled in order to avoid the institutional blockage and obey the constitutional requirements.

The five draft laws have been adopted by Parliament and checked by the President of the country. According to the Constitution, in case the Parliament votes a certain project of law, the President is obliged to support it.

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