Andrian Candu suggests PCRM consult attorneys before filing motion against High Court

Communists filed a simple motion against Constitutional Court's judges. The document was also signed by Socialists, nonetheless, it could not be accepted. 

According to the law, a simple motion can only be registered in Parliament if it's signed by at least 15 deputies. However, this case has sparked several funny replies among the people's elect.

"Socialist Party faction joined our appeal to sign the simple motion, the motion is more important than signature number. We submitted the motion legally and now are waiting for debates," says Inna Şupac, the president of the PCRM faction.

Parliament Speaker Andrian Candu said that the simple motion against the High Court can not be debated and suggested that it consult the law. Communist MPs, however, came with accusations: 

"If Communists Party Faction needs legal advice, the Parliament's Legal Department is at your disposal," said Andrian Candu, the Speaker of Parliament.

"You are now usurping the power in the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova when you stand by an unseen decision, not analyzing this motion," responded Inna Şupac. 

"Sometimes it's very hard to bring arguments, excuse the phrase, to legal stupidity. It's really really hard," concluded Andrian Candu, the Speaker of Parliament.

Representatives of the Constitutional Court have mentioned that High Court judges can not be heard by deputies.

"It is not a simple parliamentary motion that can be used against judges of the Constitutional Court. It is a tool for PR only, it has no purpose," said Rodica Secrieru, Secretary of the Constitutional Court.

The simple motion can only be applied to members of the government

At the same time, Communist MP Vladimir Voronin suggested Andrian Candu dismiss members of the Parliament's Legal Department. The PCRM president once again asked him not to express his views on behalf of the entire Parliament. In reply, Andrian Candu mentioned that the dissatisfied ones can propose by resignation

"In your place, I would release all from Legal Department by the end of the day so I can not afford legal illiteracy. However, but it is clear that Mr. Candu, you can not make statements as Parliament president if no decision or adopted law on the respective issue is taken, "PCRM deputy Vladimir Voronin said.

"If you want a President of the Parliament to keep quiet and to be subordinate to a faction or a deputy, then you have all the legal motivation and the legal instruments to submit the resignation of the President of Parliament," Andrian Candu, the Speaker of Parliament, said.

"We do not plan your resignation, you are very well prepared, you perform the function as it should, according to the law. The latest news shows that in a near future you will be with us, you will drive with The Democratic Party, but we will continue with our parties, "Vladimir Voronin said.

"When you began to say that we would become colleagues and I would be in charge, I was trembling, I thought you were invited to lead the Party of Communists, but I thank you very much for your confidence," said Andrian Candu, the Speaker of Parliament.


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