Andrian Candu spoke with Vlad Plahotniuc and informed him of his decision to leave the PDM

Former PDM leader Vlad Plahotniuc was informed about the Candu group's decision to leave PDM.

"It is true that last night I called him and had a 5-minute discussion. I think it was necessary to inform a person who contributed enormously to the development of the PDM", Andrian Candu said in the program "Publika Report" on Publika TV.

According to Candu, Vlad Plahotniuc replied that he would not get involved. "He said: You are mature, if you think that's what you want to do, I don't get involved. If you think that this is what you want to do, be determined and do not forget about the fate of the citizens and the deviant of the country," said Andrian Candu.

He mentioned that the new party will not have any relation with Vlad Plahotniuc or another outsider.

"He (Vlad Plahotniuc - journalist) won't try to influence or help or prevent. It was set last August", said Andrian Candu.

Besides, he said he has a personal relationship with the former PDM leader, a relationship he does not want to give up. Candu also blamed former party colleagues that many of them "forgot who promoted them to get where they are."

"He had a major contribution to the party," said Candu.



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