Andrian Candu responds inspiringly to Cărpineni young girl's question. What did she ask Parliament Speaker?

Parliament Speaker Andrian Candu received a message from a young girl from Cărpineni.

On a social network, Andrian Candu transmitted to her and all young people in our country an inspiring response. 

"A young lady from Cărpineni wrote a message to ask me "Does Moldova need young specialists in the field of political sciences?" 

Dear Valeria, I want to tell you that Moldova needs another political class which is better, more honest, more responsible and dedicated to the public interest. 

That's why I started the idea of changing electoral system, that's why you should vote on February 24 and follow your dreams. 

Moreover, let's enter the field of politics, participate in the decision-making process, do not allow the future to be decided without you. 

I urge you to have courage and trust in the future #pentruMoldova (for Moldova)", wrote Andrian Candu.

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