Andrian Candu: Republic of Moldova's economy experienced great growth over 2017

The Parliament has discussed today the motion submitted against Chiril Gaburici, the minister of Economy and Infrastructure.

Andrian Candu has suggested rejecting the document submitted by PSRM. The official claims that the Parliament fully trusts Minister Gaburici to continue taking good measures as he has done so far, as well as continue taking other measures favoring the business environment, the employees and to create new jobs.

After the speech of President of Moldovan Parliament Andrian Candu, members of PSRM left the room.

"I will speak bluntly with my colleagues, as I believe it important to state my opinion regarding this motion. A motion that from its very first sentences shows signs of disinformation.

Perhaps by eliminating propaganda and external disinformation through law our socialist colleagues, who signed the motion, were stimulated to make up for it through internal disinformation.

You cannot claim 2017 an "economic failure", when Republic of Moldova's economy experienced a 4% growth!

It is obvious that much was done for Moldova from an economic point of view, this fact cannot be ignored. In 2016 and in 2017 the economy has greatly improved.

For example in 2016, our country ranked 3rd in Europe based on GDP growth. I am sure that in 2017, we will once again rank among the top, once the statistics for the previous year will be drawn.

The sector of industrial goods experienced a 4.2% growth in 2017, while agriculture of 8.6%.

With all respect I wish to inform our PSRM colleagues, that the wheat harvest in 2017 was the biggest one since 1990. I am sure this is not how an economic failure is supposed to look like.


2017 was a years that brought positive results, which is proven by a raise in our export. Data from the past 11 months from 2017 shows an 18.4% increase in our exports, most being directed to the markets from the European Union.

Investments have also increased by 34% over 2017, including investments into the state budget. Therefore, investments have not decreased, as it is written in the motion.

Socialist deputies, who signed the motion, have accused of the fact that inflation rose by twice in 2017, compared to 2016. What they forgot to mention, apparently, is that in 2016 inflation was of around 2.5%, which is a historic minimum since Republic of Moldova became independent.

I wish to assure you that inflation from 2017 is not something to worry much about. If we were to compare the national currency, citizens should know that in 2017, the exchange rate for Moldovan lei rose by 2% for euro and by 14% for US dollars.

Therefore, we can proudly say that Republic of Moldova's economy is improving and not collapsing, as the socialists try to convince us.

It can be proven by a number of recent investments made by some crucial foreign investors, namely, companies such as: Draexlmeier, Coroplast, Sumitomo, Gebauer & Griller, Fujikura, Lear Corporation, Transgaz Romania, who invested and plan to invest in 2018 a total of over 230 million USD, creating 8 000 new jobs, with the perspective of this number rising to 13 000.

At the same time, last month we signed the first major foreign investment into our banking system, here I speak of Banca Transilvania from Rromania, which purchased shared from a crucial bank from Moldova.

It is another sign of trust in Moldova's economy, especially in the measures taken by this Parliament to strengthen our banking system after the scandal from 2015.

I am sure that nobody would have done such an investment if they were not sure in the economic climate from the country, in Republic of Moldova's economic potential and pro-business measures taken at Chisinau.

I think it would be good to recall some of those measures. For example the fact that the number of licenses decreased from 416 to 150 in the past two years, or over 60%.

The number of control bodies was also reduces by three times, from 58 to 18, the financial and statistical reporting process was simplified by launching a single report platform at State Fiscal Service, National House of Social Insurance, National Health Insurance Company and National Bureau of Statistics.

From 5 financial and statistical reports only one remained. All those changed made a 26-year-old Cozma Tudor return to Moldova after working in USA. Tudor is also grateful for the opportunity offered by the First House Project.

All those changes allowed Republic of Moldova to advance in international rankings. For example, we were placed 44th out of 190 by Doing Business, Global Competitiveness Report for 2017 - 2018 placed us 89th (advancing by 11 positions), Global Location Trends 2017 ranked Republic of Moldova 6th among country with jobs available per one million citizens, while according to Moody's Corporation Republic of Moldova was qualified as a country with a stable economy.

Such things have a positive impact when it comes to the state's revenue. The National Public Budget has gained over 2017 an income of 53.4 billion lei, by 16.2% more than in 2016.

The incomes of the Fiscal Service increased with 18,4% in 2017, which is equal with 5,1 billion lei more than in 2016. The Customs service has also registered such performances.


If you don't believe us, then you can get acquired to the foreign partners who don't have any staked within the politic discussions. For example, Chisinau IMF's conclusion from November of the last year is "convenient". This is why, Moldova received three loan tranches form IMF.


All those positive aspects in Moldova's economy has a favorable impact on the citizens' income. Higher salaries are not only written in documents, but, indeed, citizens felt the raised paychecks in their purses.

The average salary rose by over 30% in the past two years: from 4 611 lei at the end of 2015 to 6 150 lei as it was estimated for 2018. The salaries has also risen in medicine and education sphere. The pensions have also increased with 10% in 2016 and 7% in 2017. The maternity insurance also grew, as well as other aids for new born.

The pensioners also felt the change. Gulpa Alexandru, a 63 year old citizen was surprised to have received more money after the pension reform.

Also, Cerempei Valerian and another 150 000 retired benefited of the first results of the pension reform. It is hard to convince people that 2017 year was a disaster, because they felt the developments. 

Thus, I propose for PSRM's motion to be rejected.

Moldova's economy is heading in the right direction and the Government's role is to support this evolution.

We trust economy minister, Chiril Gaburici. He will continue the reforms that were planned for the future years in the favor of the state workers and will contribute to creation of new jobs.

I assure the Minister of Economy and Infrastructure that Parliament will continue to support the implementation of Government's program and I am convinced that together, we will contribute to great results for our society.

Thank you", said Andrian Candu, the President of the Parliament.


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