Andrian Candu: PSRM and PCRM deputies boycotted the meeting. I will ask for them to be fined

PSRM and PCRM MPs left Parliament session, when an important issue on the agenda was supposed to be discussed, namely the hearings on the problem of food in educational institutions in Moldova. In this regard, the head of parliament, Andran Candu, announced that he would ask the Standing Bureau of the Parliament to fine those who left the conference hall and even to cut their salaries.

"The hearings in Parliament on the quality of food in schools and daycare institutions in the country scheduled for today did not take place due to lack of quorum. It was an important topic for all. I, as a father, was interested to find out what happens in this chapter, and as a member and as head of parliament was necessary to have these hearings, debates, to present everything about this scandal" said Candu.

At the same time, the Parliament speaker described the attitude of those who boycotted the session as a political show:

"We will return to this important topic next week. I will request that those who today made this show to be penalized. Citizens should know who are the "heroes" and here we speak of socialists and communists, those who ask the vote of people, but when it's to sit in Parliament they don't do it. There was very important information, but some believe that the show is more important."

PUBLIKA.MD reminds that Parliament decided last week to hold hearings on the subject of forged auctions on food purchase for schools and kindergartens in Chisinau. The proposal was submitted to Parliament by the chairman of social, health and family committee, Oxana Domenti.

We mention that, according to survey data, the procurement process take place with serious violations of the law by favoring certain economic agents. Scheme operate as follows: through signing contracts for the purchase, decision makers of departments were dealing with a group of economic operators to increase offer prices, so that the more expensive bids would win. Or, by prior agreement, the auction was attended by several operators with different bids, but with the same founder.

For the favor, the economic agents paid civil servants, monthly or for each individual auction, some money.

The criminal case is led by Anti-corruption Prosecutor's Office.

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