Andrian Candu: Parties fled hall due to lack of arguments

Socialists, Communists, Liberals and Liberal Democrats boycotted the Parliamentary session today. The session continued with the parliamentary majority. Andrian Candu had a reply regarding the parties' gesture. According to the Speaker of Parliament, the deputies fled as lack of arguments for reforms made for citizens today. 

"Let's look at the hall and see who's with us, so you see ones who are struggling for the country. That's also what they said but today, when we discuss the most important decisions, they're not in the hall. 

Socialists who think about citizen well-being and economic benefits left already, you know why? They have no arguments to stand here and debate the new reforms. Liberals, Liberal Democrats and Communists don't even speak. 

We're tired already to see the opposition parties and extra-parliamentary parties oppose against everything what we've done, parliamentary majority. They're against First House project, Chisinau Arena, benefits regarding road infrastructure, and today they're against the law that brings benefits to every citizen of Republic of Moldova. 

For the first time, citizens can have higher salaries. The personal exemption from 11,000 lei per year increases to 24,000 lei. It doubles, which means that there is an amount that will benefit every citizen of this country.

Why the oppositions are so hostile? Why they left today and fled the hall, one by one, because they couldn't argue. They couldn't come with manipulation and lies because everything's so clear. Citizens of Republic of Moldova have been tired in the past months to hear only reforms, they want to see their benefits. 

Many people have asked today: why such benefits come to citizens in the election year? Because this is the moment of benefits derived from reforms. Thanks to the fight against customs corruption, for good administration, for larger investment, we have money to decrease the tax. 

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