Andrian Candu on Veaceslav Negruță: Aberration and lack of professionalism

Accusations made by former Finance Minister Veaceslav Negruţă to the government regarding the citizenship law through investment were qualified by Parliament Speaker Andrian Candu as aberrant and lacking professionalism.

"Aberrant and lacking professionalism, this is what I can comment on statements made by Veaceslav Negruţă, the former Minister of Finance, who should give a lot of explanations and answers regarding the acts of corruption he has attended and if he does not fail to convict.

In particular, the general program on citizenship versus investment or investment for citizenship. It is a program that can be found in many states, including Western countries, with good traditions and working very well.

The Republic of Moldova has created filters for verifying and imposing restrictions, as well as a very thorough check of the persons who will apply for citizenship, including mechanisms for involving the origin of financial resources. As you know, the authorities of the Republic of Moldova are not the only ones who have entered this meganism, but also international companies working with other states in the world who have experience and who will introduce all mechanisms including electronics.

I say it is premature to expose how functional it will be and what will be the benefits of the Republic of Moldova, even if they are calculated and are with some figures for the future. It is good to trust the mechanisms and then after some time to draw conclusions about what the effects were and what the benefits of the Republic of Moldova were or what are the risks.

We are not the only country to have such a program. This topic was mentioned by the IMF leadership as well as civil society in Chisinau. I have no idea if Mr. Negruță participated in those discussions, they talked well about such a program, "said Andrian Candu, Parliament Speaker.

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