Andrian Candu: Năstase - Sandu fights against people and wrecks relationship with neighboring countries

Andrei Năstase and Maia Sandu are fighting against me, the Democratic Party, against prosperity, against journalists, against people and now wrecking our relationship with neighboring countries. The statement belongs to the President of Parliament, Andrian Candu on his Facebook page. 

"It seems that the right, the alleged European, stepped again with the left, attacking the neighboring country and the press in a desperate desire of self-victimization. I condemn the attacks of opposition leaders against several press institutions who criticize them as they would have financial resources from Romania. 

Năstase and Sandu have confused the media language with the right to free speech, forgetting that by far not all those who are not accomplices and do not repeat "YES! ACUM!' are involved in the campaign.

The two politicians are fighting against me, the Democratic Party, against prosperity, against journalists, against people and, more recently, blowing our relationship with our neighboring countries, being panicked and contemptuous for Moldova.

In the despondent attempt to challenge the legitimacy of the elections, which have not even happened yet, these horsemen of the apocalypse have become ridiculous.

But Maia Sandu and Andrei Năstase say nothing about the television trust of criminals and other media institutions funded by banking fraud and Laundromat. So, I don't say anything about it because they promote them everyday, and by doing so they are complicit in using the money stolen from bank frauds.

And all this happens in a period when there are more evidences about connection of Maia Sandu-Năstase with Platon and illegal funding they would have received in various forms. 

The integrity of the Maia Năstase turned out to be still a big lie, empty words. Moldovans need facts, not talks! The time for incapable politicians to do something for people has passed', said Andrian Candu.

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